Monday, May 18, 2009

Putting The Wine in Swine Flu

I've reached the point where I'm just throwing my hands up every time I hear about the swiney craze that's sweeping the globe. At first, upon learning about this porcine pandemic, when I, or one of the kiddles so much as sneezed, I was sure we were just an oink away from the emergency room. The media did not help much in assuaging any fears. They were describing scenes directly out of "Outbreak", a movie that makes you want to spend your life in one of those contamination space-suits. Seems like no one really knows where this outbreak is going, or how dangerous it will be. I put this in the "beyond my control" file- alongside nuclear proliferation, natural disasters, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the unequal ratio of orange skittles in any given bag.
So, my suggestion for any H1N1 fretting is to mix up a pitcher of white (s)wine sangria. The world just seems like a better and sunnier place after a coupla glasses of this fruity concoction.

Empty a bottle of white wine (I used Chardonnay) into a large pitcher, pour in a can or 2 c. of mango juice and 2 c. lemonade. Add 3 shot glasses full of triple sec to the mix. Stir. Pour in a bottle of seltzer or if you like your drinks super-sweet a 1 litre bottle of Sprite. Bottoms Up!

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