Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Chocolate Boulder

Sometimes I feel like Sisyphus pushing a huge chocolate boulder up the mountain. My chocolate truffle project aka Roxy Chocsmith (, is pretty much at a standstill. True, summer is usually slow in the chocolate world, and the R word isn't helping any (rhymes with depression). But what about all those anecdotal tidbits I hear about how during the Depression the only businesses that made any dough were 1) cosmetics 2) bars 3) chocolate. Very recently I heard on some news-type program that Hershey's numbers are up- because people are drowning their sorrows in chocolate. While I am not advocating chocolate suicide, I am totally recommending a well placed truffle here and there to escape into a a blissful, creamy, and dreamy chocolate dimension.
Today I made a couple of sales calls- toting my sweet wares and glad handing out samples to sweeten the pallettes. I had no trouble pushing the samples, and I took the eyes rolling to the back of skulls as an honest endorsement. No orders were placed, however my card was pocketed many times over. Who knows if they'll remember me when they need to? I always say that everyone's favorite thing is free chocolate. Paying for it? That's a different story.

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