Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week In Food & Kookery Review

Friday: We had a houseguest this past weekend. It was wonderful seeing and catching up with N, Hub and I hung out with her before, during, and after we started dating back in our NYC days. After setting out and settling down to a semi-rustic life our visits together became much more sporadic. While I can't say it was just like old times, we were plus 3 this time (3 kiddies), it was just as good. One of N's great qualities is that she has a real appreciation for good food. Whatever this girl is doing it's working for her- she looks fit and thin but healthy. It was really refreshing to be with someone who simply eats and doesn't have an assortment of hang-ups. For friday night dinner I made a potato leek soup that started out a little bland and watery, but thanks to Hub's input, was enflavored (is that a word?) by lemon, garlic, chili sauce, and lots of ground peppercorns. Second course was my trusty winter standby: Pot Roast with potatoes and carrots. Dessert was fudgy brownies (Betty Crocker taken out 5 minutes early).
First course for saturday's lunch was purchased country pate on a bed of lightly dressed greens with a port reduction drizzled on top. Second course was my roasted Chicken Fantastico, roasted Italian cauliflower, rice pilaf. Dessert featured an upside down apple caramel cake washed sown by lemon ginger tea (ginger aids digestion). For Sunday morning brunch before N went back to her life in Manhattan, we all enjoyed plates of sweet warm and gooey Dulce de Leche French Toast.
From Monday on I was in work/production mode. I made Valentines Day truffles to fill a couple of Hearts Day orders (not enough sadly); Chocolate Cheesecake, Triple Chocolate, and Black Forest. On Tuesday I started the after-school cooking program at my kids's school. In honor of the superbowl we made nacho triangles and a spicy bean dip. Nacho triangles went down well, dip-not so much. For the art project they're putting together and illustrating their own cookbooks. Wednesday was my kiddie cooking class, carrying on with the Superbowl theme we made chex party mix and fruitball punch (way too sweet for adult human consumption). The art project was painting and decorationg white T. shirts with puffy paint- Yikes! The kitchen looked as though a murder in technicolor had occured, the paint was everywhere. But as I say: If ain't messy, it ain't fun.
Today is thursday, I made a voyage out to Whole Foods this morning and spent a good amount of time ogling the dessert display and the cheese counter. Their V-Day desserts were outrageously lavish and complately splendid. Coming back to earth, I returned home and put together a Valentines Day truffle platter for my friend Suzanne. Plan on making pretzel rods for the jewellery store that regularly places orders, half will be chocolate toffee and the rest will be choc-pb covered in mini semi-sweet chips.
I still need to plan the Superbowl menu for sunday, we're making it into a small party for Kid 1, since I weaseled out of a making the usual b'day shindig for him this year. I'm thinking sliders, pig 'n blankets, 2 types of wings (asian flavored, and one with a dry spice rub), a leafy salad, and of course guacamole. For dessert I think I will make a huge choclate rice krispie treat in the shape of a football.
Stay tuned next week for the recipes that come out of an article on hearty and healthful pasta dishes kids will love (due on 2/11- I'm cutting it close), and the kiddie cuisine from the cooking classes- this week is a sweet week. Going to Philly with Hub for a romantic Valentine's getaway weekend. CAN'T WAIT no cooking-just eating!

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