Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kitchen Holiday

Yes it's taken me a while to emerge from the matzah rubble that was Passover, as well as the assortment of minor crises and dramas that the past few weeks have been sprinkled with. But I'm baaaack.
One of the slight setbacks experienced was the cancellation of my Kiddie Cooking Classes spring edition. Turns out it's a blessing in disguise, as most of these reversals tend to be. I think my very astute friend Donz made the correct analysis when she said that now the weather has a taken a turn for the temperate, after-school activities are going to center around the outdoors. This vacancy in my schedule allows me more time for my own outdoor activity, and that has contributed to a sense of much needed balance.
I think I'll prolong my self-proclaimed Kitchen Holiday a few days more. Allow myself the luxury of take-out, veggie burgers, and breakfast-for-dinner fare, and then it's back to business.... A family cookbook with the aforementioned Donz. The ideas are bouncing around my head like an overjuiced pinball machine. Ideas are easy, making them real is hard. I'm up for it- next week.

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