Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Words and Flavors

I'm languishing in a sea of flavors and words. Presently I'm working on the two articles due on friday- after a fair bit of flips and flops I ended up with a Broiled Fig Salad (with tart green apple slices and toasted pine nuts , arugula-butter lettuce mix, and drizzled with a balsamic honey vinaigrette). Roasted Chicken in a pomegranate barbecue sauce on Israeli Couscous for the main. Ending off with a Greek Honey Cake which is super sweet due to the honey syrup the cake soaks in. I added orange extract to the syrup for a bright and sunny finale. This is my Jewish New Year menu.
For the After School Snacks piece I included the Honey Peanut Butter Cookie recipe, an Apple Oameal muffin recipe, and a Yogurt Ranch Dip for crudite- tasty, wholesome, homey fare that aims to soften and sweeten the sharp and pointy edges of a long day at school.
I've started my marathon baking for the Cake Party on Saturday. I'm going with the southern motif of a Cake Party on a hot summer's afternoon, by complementing the cakes and pies with homemade lemonade and sweet tea. I can cross the banana cupcakes, the buttermilk pound cake, and the Caffe Latte cheesecake off of my list. Tomorrow's baking roster includes whipped key lime pie, a dense chocolate tart, and a pecan peach upside down cake.

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