Monday, June 2, 2008

Passion! Cupcakes! Sex....!

Going to see "Sex and the City" tonight with a good girlfriend. We're making an event out of it, by mixing up sexilicious drinks and enjoying citylicious goodies before we head over to the local multiplex. I loved the show, along with most women of my generation, especially because I was single in the City during most of the show's duration. I think that's where the similarities between me and the show ended. My apartment was not even remotely fabulous, and came complete with roommates and the occasional rodent. My wardrobe was a cross between GAP, Goodwill, and street fair chic. The parties I had and went to were usually in cramped, poorly ventilated, tenement-esque apartments where wine came out of a box, and chips and crackers were the finger foods of choice. And the men...well that's a different post altogether. Suffice to say Hubbabubba and I got together in the City, got engaged, lived together in a cool 70's UWS walk-up around the corner from the Dakota, got married, and then a few weeks later got pregnant (surprise!). And then the exodus... So I love "Sex and the City" but know that I am not like Carrie or Miranda or Charlotte or Samantha (I don't think I know anyone like Samantha in the City or elsewhere). Still I'm celebrating my modern femaleness tonight, along with a cineplex packed to the gills with other ladies.
I was going to make mini pizzas to go along with my passion bellini's, but this weekend we we went to our new friends V and O for an amazing pizza night, and I'm too ashamed to ever make pizza at home again. O is serious about pizza. He has a cool wood burning stove that cooked the pizzas to a virtuistic deliciousness. The first pizza he served us was a Pizza Bianco with beautiful sweet caramelized onions, and just the right amount of parmesan cheese- the dough he made had a touch of za'atar spices, and all these wonderful flavors melded together harmoniously and happily in my mouth. The second pizza he made had a lemony hummos topping with a bit of a kick, also delicious. So you see I can never make my pizza again with it's bland storebought crust and generic oven taste.
So I need a plan B, luckily yesterday I went to Crumbs on Amsterdam and 74th. Now this is what I think Heaven looks like. Cupcakes of every size and flavor! I got a 4 pack that cost me $13. Remember when cupcakes were something you made with leftover cake batter? Well not anymore! Cupcakes are taking up a very prominent place in the dessert world- and rightly so. These things are gorgeous mini cakes. I can't help but get that "goody-goody gumdrops" kiddie glee feeling every time I see a cupcake. The passion bellini's and the cupcakes will be a sweet pre-movie snack. Despite the movie's mixed reviews I'm excited to see the clothes, shoes, and of course, the Ladies. It's kinda like meeting up with fabulous friend you haven't seen in a while and finding out what they've been up to while you've been living your real and slightly less-fabulous life.

Passionfruit Bellini's
OK Ladies, unlike relationships there's absolutely nothing complicated or difficult about this concoction: 2 parts chilled champagne 1 part passionfruit nectar a stemmed strawberry if you so desire. A cool sexy glass is crucial though.


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Sounds like fun ! How was the movie! I love your NYC story!

Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll!

Lisa Conmara said...

i love that so many people blogged about SATC - proves everything I knew already about the show!

Great blog by the way! I'm going to have a proper snoot now!

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