Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Taste Travel

...And that's another thing I really love about cooking/baking, the opportunity for taste-travel. Today I was wistfully recalling my time in San Diego. When I was in college my family lived in this beautiful city, and I would spend most of my summer and winter breaks there. Now that I am a veteran on the East Coast, I really appreciate Sun Diego. Everything about it seems magical to me now, the perfect weather, the gorgeous beaches, the friendly folk, and the fresh and authentic mexican food. My brothers and I would order these incredible fish tacos at the local mexican joint and gobble them down muy rapido.
Tonight's dinner is an homage to my San Diego days long gone- not only was it seemingly a million years ago and a million miles away, it was a whole attitude galaxy away. I love the East Coast, the autumns here are second to none. And the fact that New York City is a major part of the region, is reason alone to live here. Not to mention other great gems like: Philadelphia and Boston, as well as quaint New England villages that are really old and historied by New World standards. The East Coast is a great place to live, but there's something wonderful about California that you just can't get here. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the beautiful pacific ocean, the people just seem happier and more relaxed out there. The food is delicious- it's as simple as a grilled piece of fish in corn tortilla with some mexican flavored spices and herbs(cumin, chili, lime, garlic, salt, cilantro), cool and creamy salad for a crunch, and fresh sliced avocado to finish it off. Mmmmm.
Tomorrow I'll think about going to Tanglewood this weekend and I'll be conjuring up a juicy berry pie or cobbler. Or better yet: brie and apple sandwiches- apple season is nearly upon us! I love apples- which is probably a big reason why I like living around here.

Quick & Simple Fish Taco's
prepare 1-2 lbs. of firm fleshed white fish (I used tilapia) in a sheet of heavy duty foil, rub both sides of fish with taco seasoning (cumin, chili, garlic , salt, lime, cilantro). Seal foil into packets. Heat up grill. Place packets on grill- for about 10-15 mins. or when fish flakes easily.
In a bowl mix 1 c. sour cream, 2-3 tbsp ranch dressing, and 1/2 c. chopped green chilis, with shredded cabbage and 5-6 chopped scallions.
Serving suggestion: Cut fish into chunks, and place in a fresh corn tortilla and top with salad and slices of ripe avocado. Fold. Enjoy. OK.


Apples and Butter said...

I love a good fish taco and had my first one in San Diego as well! That's where I went to college and spent many a sunny afternoon on the patio of some restaurant down by the beach enjoying them. Yummy.

Alexa said...

San Diego is a great... We use to visit there often when we lived in L.A.
Your fish tacos sound really good. The next time we eat fish, tacos will be on the menu. Thanks Rachel!

Katie said...


Your recipe looks great - I'll go for anything with avocado.