Sunday, December 7, 2008

7 Random Facts

A few weeks ago I was tagged by Lisa at, and like everyone else on the planet at this time of year I've been so flat out busy, it's taken me until now to respond. Hmmmm let's see 7 random things about me....

1. Last night I had the strangest dream, oh boy.... It involved my 3rd grade teacher the Chrysler Building and a whole lotta tomatoes????
2. If I could only eat only one thing for the rest of my life it would probably be pizza- topped to the hilt with all the good stuff
3. I have an irrational aversion to raisins
4. If I could only rescue 1 item from my house in the case of a fire (excluding people of course) it would have to be my band new kick-ass Frye boots
5. If I could invite 3 famous dead people to my dinner table they would be: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Dorothy Parker, and Frank Sinatra
6. I cannot watch "It's a Wonderful Life" without matter how many times I've seen it- the part where the waterworks begins is when he opens the book Clarence gives him and it says "No man is a failure so long as he has friends..." , and then when Harry toasts George by saying " To George Bailey, the richest man in Bedford Falls..." I'm a goner- a complete blubbering sentimental mess.
7. The last thing I bought was pretzel rods and lots of them....1200 to be exact (I covered them in chocolate and other goodies for a gift basket order).

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Lori Lynn said...

That is interesting, especially the dream !?! Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to further exploring yours.
Lori Lynn