Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kiddie Cooking Class Chronicles

Kiddie Cooking Class Chronicles: Chapter 5

Maple Syrup Pudding & Fall Leaf Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

Autumn is almost gone: the leaves are lying everywhere in dry heaps, daylight savings is darkening the days early, and jackets are required when leaving the house. I decided we might as well get one last look. I found a bottle of Grade B maple syrup from the new foodie emporium. After making a maple syrup cheesecake a few years ago I came to realize how rare it is to find Grade B syrup. Grade A maple syrup is good, but grade B is great- richer, deeper, smokier. I found a quick and simple recipe for Maple Pudding, and knew that I needed a baking project as well to go along. I decided to use refrigerated sugar cookie dough from the supermarket for this one, busted out my fall leaf cookie cutters, melted 2 tbsp. of butter and mixed up a cinnamon sugar for sprinkling. They painted the butter on top of their leaves and covered them with a dry dusting. On the cookie tray they looked like the dead leaves scattered on our patio. Which led us right onto our mini art project, using fallen leaves and acorns, glitter and googly eyes they made end-of-autumn collages. Before long the pudding had set, albeit with lumps, and the cookies were golden and smelling like a warm bakery. The pudding was slurped up instantly, and I'm dissappointed in myself for underestimating these little gourmands by adding a redundant dollop of whipped cream to the treat- the syrup stands alone. The cookies were snarfed down at a respectable rate.
Came home and it was almost night, made a filling dinner of shakshuka, greek salad, and garlic naan. Let hub bathe the kiddles and watch the Yankees with Kid1. Slipped out and went to Eustacia's Grilled Vegetables and their many uses demonstration. A warm and yummy day.

Maple Pudding
Beat 2 c. milk, 2 c. real maple syrup, 2 beaten eggs, 5 tbsp. flour, 4 tbsp. butter, 1 tsp. vanilla in a large saucepan until well blended. Place saucepan on top of pot of boiling water stirring regularly until thick.

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