Thursday, January 7, 2010

Miss Ann Thrope

If you are in a post-holiday lull/winter-state-of-mind funk, and want some company I'm Miss Ann Thrope at your service. If you're feeling bright, shiny,and are still bursting with new year cheer- it's best if you keep moving-nothing good can come of this posting. Spoiler alert: I will not be uplifted at the end of this posting by a realization of some homespun wisdom, nor will I be making a deliciously nourishing meal to offset the bland unhealthiness of this draggy mood that I'm in. Dinner for the past couple of nights has been uninspiring at best (grilled cheese sandwiches), to downright flavorless at worst (broccoli tofu stir fry). I know life is all about triumphs and dissappointments, and that part of being a well adjusted adult is taking both ends of the fortune spectrum in your stride, and with a healthy sprinkling of salt, but why oh why does disappointment linger longer, smell funkier, and vibrate louder than almost anything else? Why does a friend's slight come back with greater frequency, than all their displays of amity? I have no answers for these questions, nor the more mundane queries that fill my days like; Where are all the spoons? What is that smell in my car? And how can so much horseshit top the bestseller list?

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