Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good 'n Ugly Blueberry Scones

Yesterday I picked up a carton of beautiful juicy blueberries from my local farm market. Visions of those scrumptuous drop scones that I thoroughly enjoyed during my morning coffee breaks in Lake Placid skipped merrily through my mind. Oh, I had such good intentions. I would combine half a block of cream cheese with the butter crumbs for creaminess, 1 tsp. of cinnamon for a little earthiness....I scooped the batter onto the baking sheet, and with a loving glance anticipated the new best friend my morning coffee would surely have.
Twenty minutes later I was forced to greet my blueberry drop scone...pancakes. Oh the dissappointment, and the chagrin. These scones look like something only a baker could love. They taste pretty good. But with food, especially baked goods, appearance matters.
Well at least I have another recipe for my fantasy cookbook inspired by advertisements from my youth. "Good 'n Ugly Blueberry Scones" based on the "So good 'n ugly!" commercial for Fruit Bars ("Look so ugly gonna make you shout, taste so yummy gonna knock you out..." lines that would make Shakespeare proud...).


Alexa said...

You have a great sense of humor... I am sure they weren't that bad looking. I think that we are too sleepy in the morning to notice how our food looks but tastes matters... And they tasted good, right? So you did good in my book.:-)

Apples and Butter said...

So bizzare when something you've made before turns out completely wrong the second time around - I hate it when that happens!

Katie said...

They look good to me! I have ended up with many batches of drop scones/pancakes, so I know that it's the taste that counts!