Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthday #35

Well the birthday has been and gone, and so has the accompanying existential crisis. I know that I'm not the first person to ever hit 35, but Damn! how did it happen so fast? And how did it happen to me? Inside I still feel like I'm 16, although Hubbabubba always says 12 is more accurate, but those stray gray hairs are now being joined by a whole bunch of buddies, it's not as easy for Mommy to be Mommy after a late night of merriment, and I think I need glasses. The worst part of "maturing" is the realization that I will not live forever. Of course I always knew this in my head, but now I know it in my heart. So I better get a move on, and start doing all the things I want to do, and have been pushing off for when I "grow up".
Hubbabubba brought me one step closer to finally learning French with the Rosetta Stone language program as a birthday present. My birthday dinner at David Burke and Donatella in NYC, was another thing that I had been wanting to do for a while. And even though it completely burnt our budget to a crisp, it was well worth it. The space is gorgeous and bright and whimsical. The atmosphere was upscale, yet not in a snobby New York City Foodista kind of way. The room was at full capacity but it felt convivial rather than crowded. And the food...It deserves it's own paragraph.
I started with a tomato and burrata salad, and let me tell you the tri-colored tomatoes and creamy fresh burrata cheese rocked hard in it's kicky vinaigrette. I then had the cod which was served with corn kernels dressed in a herby type dressing. The fish was great, but with the corn it was like a miracle in my mouth; small explosions of crunchy sweetness. Deep breath, Rachel.... We ordered a bunch of sides; the asparagus with the truffle emulsion was most memorable, but the green beans tempura were pretty awesome too. I consider dessert "me " time, so you know I wasn't skipping anything despite my full belly, which was tightly corseted into my sexy 1950's halter dress (it was my birthday). Their famous dessert is a cheesecake lollipop tree, which I dutifully ordered. It was whimsical, beautiful, mmmmmm-ness, which I already am planning on copying next time I have a big party (probably holiday time). Little balls of cheesecake dunked in chocolate covered in various toppings - sign me up.
One of the great things about being part of a couple is that with a little planning and coordination, you can usually try everything you're interested in on the menu. Hubbabubba is always a great orderer, so I really had a wonderful cross section of the menu. I had fun. And have decided my developing wrinkles aren't wrinkles just laugh lines.

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Alexa said...

I love your attitude... wrinkles are always laugh lines. :-)
The birthday evening sound wonderful, like every birthday should be. I would love to spend a birthday dining in New York. I am glad you had such a great time.