Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holidays!

This holiday season is turning out to be quite picturesque. A robust and engulfing snow storm that began late saturday afternoon and continued to bluster through the night, made this sunday morning bright and white. And now that I am pretty much done with all my holiday commitments, I'm feeling as light and giddy as a snowflake. I just took the last of the brownie batches from the oven. I'm giving my neighbors, and the many people who make our life easier, a cookie tin piled full with brownies and a gift card to Starbucks to go along (coffee + brownies = a snatch of heaven).
Last week I leaped from the Hanukkah cooking and craftfest to the last of my chocolate orders to my last kiddie cooking class- which deserves a brief mention: Ice cream cone cupcakes. It was my chance to release my inner Willy Wonkette and let the sugar reign. Throughout the 10 week program I emphasized sensible eating and moderation, but in honor of my favorite chef quote: Moderation in everything, even moderation (Jacques Pepin), I let them have it!
Rachel, why are we baking cupcakes in ice cream cones? All the easier to lick the frosting and sprinkles off my dearies. I set up a milk bar for them and gave them a choice of chocolate, caramel, and strawberry syrup. I threw in a marshmallow dreidel project for good measure. And with a bag o' gelt and a kiddie baking set (whisk, rolling pin, and cookie cutters)I set them on their way.
And as a bright ending to our eight days of Hanukkah, we had company on friday night. It was a crispy finale- beginning with fried cod cakes and a bed of greens doused in a simple vinaigrette. Continuing on with a batch of extra golden crispy latkes among other olive oil inspired delicities.
And now I am done. Free to sit back and enjoy the holiday season, specatacle, and let's not forget-sales. I am planning an evening of holiday lights drive by shooting, me and my camera and the best and brightest my neighborhood has to offer. I really love this time of year! Kiddles are off as of thursday and there are a whole lot of things I want to do with them. Excited about the absence of schedules, just shoving the I-gotta-do-this/need-to-do-that's, and hanging out in our PJ's for a day or two. Yay!

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