Thursday, April 10, 2008

Now Back to our Regularly Scheduled Dinner

Lately, I've been rather lax in my home cooking endeavors. I've been heavily relying on a rotation Dr. Praeger's fish sticks, veggie nuggets, tuna melts, and mac 'n cheese. The kiddles couldn't care less, in fact, they actually do a little dance of joy- when I proclaim it mac 'n cheese night. They never do any type of dance or gyration when I declare veggie burrito night, or quiche night.
Last night I interrupted my regularly scheduled program, and made pizza quesadillas. I have to say they were pretty good. The ratings from my very own Nielsen family (the Schmeilsenbergs) agree. Everyone had seconds. But really what's not to like? Pizza sauce-good. Melty mozzarella cheese- good. sausage soy crumbles- potentially gross, but actually really yummy when combined with the sauce, cheese, and kalamata olive rings into a warm, gooey pizza sandwich. The ratings were so encouraging that I think I'll make a batch to go along with regularly scheduled mac 'n cheese night.

Pizza Quesadillas
Combine in a saucepan over med. heat one bag of soy sausage crumbles (I like Morningstar Farms, but that's just me) with a jar of pasta or pizza sauce -or if you're really ambitious, your own homemade tomato sauce. Stir until bubbling, then remove from heat. Open a bag of shredded mozzarella (I used lowfat) and a package of white or wheat flour tortillas. Spoon the saucy soy sausage mixture onto half of a tortilla, sprinkle cheese over, and then scatter some olive rings or roasted pepper strips or whatever pizza topping grabs your fancy. Fold over tortilla to cover filling. Place in a skillet sprayed with cooking spray tamp down with spatula and brown on both sides until the filling is melted and outside is sufficiently toasty. Remove from skillet and cut into triangles. Serve warm.

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