Wednesday, May 21, 2008


In between drop off and pick up today I took a grand detour to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. Not having much time, I made like a whirlwind and blew through the 19th & 20th Century European & American artists. I left feeling inspired and slightly drunk on all the overwhelming beauty.
The still lifes of fruits and flowers made me want to run home and create a fruit plate of luscious color and graceful shapes. Fruits and vegetables are amazing objets d'art. Going to the Museum reminded me of this. Picture a shiny red apple, a bright round orange, a bunch of purple grapes, a fuzzy yellow peach - is there anything more basic than this kind of beauty? And the fact that you can eat it, and that it's good for your body- there aren't many things more perfect than this.
OK, this summer I'm devoting myself to fruits and vegetables. Salads that celebrate them. Desserts that glorify them. Dips that dress them. This will be my summer of fruit 'n veggies. I write this as I nibble on a perfect square of chocolate.

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