Thursday, March 6, 2008

In praise of Pizza Night

I'm a real dental case today. I had my weekly dental visit yesterday, and my teeth are still kind of bothering me. I don't feel like cooking dinner tonight- luckily it's Pizza Night, which means all I have to do is throw an Amy's Organic pizza or two in the oven, slice up some cukes and tomatoes and sing out gaily at 5:30p.m. "dinner time!" and my l'il chidlers are as pleased as hawaiian punch.
Sometimes if I'm feeling really ambitious, and maybe a little martyr-ish, I buy a ready made crust from my health food store. I pile it up with tomato slices, olive oil, and shredded mozzarella, a light sprinking of oregano or basil, and yum I'm in pizza heaven. But the chidlers prefer the Amy's Organic or best of all greasy parlour slices. Which confirms to me that I can slap some peanut butter on bread every night and they'd be pleased as hawaiian punch.

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