Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nyquil-tini, anyone?

I am in the dripping grip of the cold that refuses to fade away. I've blown through 3 boxes of Puffs, have lost 3 lbs (well maybe it's not such a bad thing), and my head feels like a medicine ball. I'm dragging myself around, performing my usual chores and duties, feeling like I'm underwater. I'm partially to blame as I am not really hydrating (unless you count my daily coffee). Sleeping is also a problem, I wake up at around 12:30 am and toss and turn until around 4:oo a.m. when the littlest kiddle needs his bottle. Usually I'm pretty anti-medicine, preferring to let nature run it's course. But screw that- Drug me up...good and solid. Keep the Nyquil flowin' is my motto du jour. My anti-medicine, natural healing beliefs belong to a woman without children or any responsibilities other than making sure she fed her roommate's goldfish.

Pry open the cardboard box and remove the blue bottle. Unscrew the childproof cap by pressing down and rotating clockwise. Pour Nyquil into measuring cup provided, pour as much as you need and then some. Swallow. Follow up with a few sips of your favorite red. Sit back while watching something completely mindless on the tube (I recommend Access Hollywood). Enjoy the next 8 hours of sleep, you deserve it.

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Popsquire said...

Can you recommend any truffles to go along with this particular beverage?